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My work at LEGO Media International 

During 3 years, I have been working at LEGO Media International's Concept department. During this period, I have thought substantially about the translation of LEGO-values into the digital/virtual realm. Amongst  many other, I have developed and written/documented additional concepts for coming software products. In connection with my concept work, I have conducted kids test's, produced or managed the production of several prototypes, created concept artwork, etc.

Most of my professional work from the past 3 years is confidential, but here are some of the most important products, I have contributed to:


The RCX, the revolutionary LEGO Microcomputer: 

The heart of the Robotics Invention System is the RCX, an autonomous LEGO microcomputer that can be programmed using a PC. The RCX serves as the brain of LEGO MINDSTORMS inventions. It uses sensors to take input from its environment, to process data, and to signal output motors to turn on and off. Users first build their robot using the RCX and the LEGO pieces included in the Robotics Invention System. The child then create a program for their invention using RCX Code, a simple, powerful  programming language. Next, they download their program to the RCX using a special  infrared transmitter. Their creation can now interact with the environment, fully autonomous from the computer. 

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Invention System  System The Robotics Invention System includes more than 700 LEGO pieces, the RCX, infrared transmitter, light and touch sensors, motors, gears, and a Constructopedia building guide. The Robotics Invention System provides kids with guidance to build working robots in under an hour, as well as inspiration for more complex robotics inventions.


LEGO® MINDSTORMS TM Droid Developer Kit TM

With the new LEGO MINDSTORMS Droid Developer Kit, users can build a galaxy of Star Wars® droids that actually move, chirp, and respond to their environment. Through both paper and CD-ROM constructions, kids can create classic Star Wars models like R2-D2, as well models from 1999's Episode 1, including the exciting battle  droid. 

Designed for users ages nine and up, the set features three distinct levels of building difficulty: Apprentice, Jedi Knight, and Jedi Master. Most children will complete their first working droid, our original L-3GO, in less than an hour. A unique modular building system enables kids to mix and match assemblies, making it easy to create dozens of working droids. 

The LEGO MINDSTORMS Droid Developer Kit is powered by the Micro-Scout, the smallest LEGO microcomputer. The Micro-Scout has a built-in light sensor, a built-in  motor, and seven behaviors from which to choose. 

 The LEGO MINDSTORMS Droid Developer Kit features over 600 pieces, including: the Micro-Scout, CD-ROM, and LEGO building pieces.